Outline Interests, Objectives and Requirements

This section is basically to get to know you and what you’d like in your new home.  Our basic goal is to create a perfect home design for you.  We have created for you a Pre-Construction Guide to help in this process.

Determine Financing

This section goes hand-in-hand with outlining your interests, objectives and requirements.  Knowing what you like in a home will give us an opportunity to evaluate and provide you with an estimate in cost per square foot of your home.  With this knowledge and along with a budgeted amount you would like for your home, the plans can be made to fit you and your budget.

Develop Plans and Specifications

This is the most critical phase of building your home, designing it right.  At this point, we would appreciate a signed contract which we will present and coordinate together.

Initial Concept

There a few ways to approach the initial concept:

  • drawing the concept yourself (floor plan and elevation)
  • finding a design concept that meets your basic needs from existing plans (online, model homes, etc.) and then tailoring
  • having us draft a concept
  • a mixture of the above

In any of the above approaches, we will guide you through the initial concept.


Once the initial concept is obtained, we will need to then approach an architect to draw the concept to scale and work with us to draw the plans to completion.


The specifications are defined throughout this entire phase.  It includes the details required to build the home as well as narrow down and estimate the cost of the home as best as possible.  Between a specification sheet as well as the detail on the architect’s plans, these requirements are outlined.  We will define and guide you as to what detail is needed at this time.  As the construction process proceeds, we will guide you as to what more information is needed and when. This phase generally takes about 4 – 6 months.

Obtain Financing

With the plans and specifications defined, the cost of the home can be estimated.  With this information you can determine the amount financing you need and work with a lender to obtain financing approval.  Generally, you will be paying interest only on the amount you borrow, as you borrow it.  Some things the lender will require are builders risk insurance (basically, a homeowners policy for construction), appraisal, financials, plans and specifications, etc.  We have worked with many lenders and have experience in what they need and how they work.  However, as the world changes, so do the lenders (especially recently).  We will do our best to provide you with recommendations and assistance. This phase generally takes about 2 months and can be done in parallel with obtaining a building permit.

Submittal Process to Obtain Permit

Once we have a go-ahead and are comfortable with the financing, we will obtain and create all necessary documentation, engineering, site specific permits, etc. to submit and obtain a building permit. This phase generally takes about 3 months.

Build Your New Home

This process begins with breaking ground through the completion of the home to your satisfaction.  During this process we will be a team working to further define the details and finishing the home you will be proud of. This phase generally takes about 10 – 14 months.

Complete and Structure Permanent Financing

Once the home is complete to the satisfaction of the building department and the Certificate of Occupancy is obtained, the lender will want to structure the construction lending into a permanent mortgage.  Here, you will be generally paying interest and principal.  Some things the lender will need are homeowners insurance, appraisal, updated financials, etc.

Enjoy Your Home!

During the first year, it is very typical that with all the thousands of systems, parts, etc involved in a modern home, bugs will need to be worked out and some of these systems, parts, etc may go bad.  However, with our attention to detail, experience and desire for the best quality, you may likely never experience this.  If you do, rest assured, we will be there to resolve the issue.