Doug Allen, the president of Allentown Homes, is an expert craftsman and design engineer. He has a variety of experience including years of research and design work with Aerospace mechanics, finish carpentry and home design and construction. Doug has a BS in Engineering.

Doug takes pride in his hands-on involvement of designing and building a home that brings joy to his clients. “While reflecting on the days performance, I look back in my rear view mirror at the jobsite and smile.”

Jannelle Allen is your personal designer, she will design your home to be the prefect blend of art and function. Her keen eye for elegance and detail will ensure your home has the warmth of your imagination.

“We were thrilled at how quickly Doug and Jannelle understood and embraced our vision for tour new home. The design process set the standard for our ongoing collaboration. They know how to make a home unique yet highly functional.” – Heather Kelly